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Are you looking for an exciting way to without having to have a boating license? Then our rental service is perfect for you!


* Tramontana PRO

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13
Maximum people 5
Length 5 meters
Power 15 cv



* Marion Black

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13
Maximum people 5
Length 5 meters
Power 15 cv




When you rent a boat with a license or without a license with us, you will find us on the day of your reservation at Passeig des moll,9. We leave you a map below so you can get there easily.


At our company , we offer a wide selection of license-free boats, ideal for those looking for a carefree sailing experience on the . Our for your use, which means that anyone over the age of 18 can rent them and enjoy an exciting day at sea.

Our license-free boats are equipped with everything you need for a day of sailing, . We also provide you with a brief instruction on the handling of the boat and the , so you can enjoy your day without worries.

And best of all, you can rent our boats without a license at very competitive prices, which means you won’t have to sacrifice your budget to enjoy a day at sea.

Do you dare to explore the coast of Menorca from a unique perspective? Contact us now to make your day at sea an unforgettable experience!

alquiler barco sin licencia en Ciutadella - TwinsBoats
Alquiler barco sin título en Ciutadella - Twins Boats


We must take care of our natural environment.
We all owe ourselves to the care and the , the wetlands, the dune systems, our Marine Reserve and of course, the conservation of the .
Each one of us with responsibility will make Menorca a more sustainable site, and as we know the impact that we can cause with the misuse of them and the lack of commitment.
The main impact exerted by the on the environment is due to anchoring-unanchoring at the time of anchoring.
It is essential that , or any dark area, should always be on sand.
We are committed to sustainability, to the conservation of our ecosystem and that is why we have a new fleet (2020-2021) that is more efficient and has less environmental impact. Also our commitment to assist, guide and teach our users so that their impact on the sea is minimal with information on where and how to anchor.
To live Menorca is to take care of it!

Advice to be a good navigator

Discovering the island of Menorca on one of our boats is, without a doubt, the best option. By following these simple tips, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience in a safe and fun way, and you will be able to discover those corners of Menorca at your own pace that will transport you directly to paradise.

  • When getting on the boat, distribute the weights. When you come up from the water, using the boat’s ladders, or from land, it is important to balance the boat so that it never capsizes.
  • Never navigate or operate the boat under the influence of alcohol.
  • Be attentive to your companions.
  • Under no circumstances should you have the engine running if there are swimmers nearby, or if one of you is in the water. You must all be on the boat when it starts.
  • Before dropping the anchor, that is, before anchoring, make sure that you will do it in sand. You should NEVER do it on the Posidonia, since it is protected and we would seriously damage our ecosystem.
  • Ducks to water! First, make sure that you have anchored correctly, that your boat does not stray too far from its anchor point (it is normal for it to drift, even if you don’t notice it, there is always wind that moves the boat), and ONLY THEN can you turn off the engine.
  • When you see the yellow balls, it means that this is your limit. Respect it. NEVER exceed this signage, since from that point the area for bathers is marked. You should never access the beach with the boat, or beach it on the sand. Is totally prohibited.
  • A ship has no brakes. Therefore, always keep a safe distance from other boats or obstacles.
  • Maintain a cruising speed and do not make sudden movements. Our boats are ideal for relaxing by sailing slowly and enjoying a leisurely pace. Do not try unnecessary maneuvers. Just have fun with peace of mind!
  • Do not enter caves, nor cross gorges.
VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you know where you are at all times, and always keep your mobile phone on.


An unlicensed boat is a boat that does not have a valid navigation license issued by a maritime authority. This means that the ship is not authorized to navigate in public waters or on the high seas. In some countries, there may be specific requirements to obtain a boating license for a boat, such as having proper safety certification, meeting certain construction and maintenance standards, and paying certain fees. If a boat does not meet these requirements, it may be considered an unlicensed boat and may be subject to penalties or fines. The boats without a license are boats with a maximum length of 5 meters and a maximum 15hp engine, which does not require any approved license, that is, neither knowledge, therefore it does not require you to hire a skipper. The owner of the boat when you rent the boat gives you an explanation of the operation of the boat and some advice on navigation. 
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