Twins Boats


Licensed boats

* Beneteau

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13, Ciutadella
rental type:
Maximum people 5
Length 5.5 meters
Power 115 cv



* Zodiac Medline 550 neo

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13, Ciutadella
rental type:
Maximum people 7
Length 5.5 meters
Power 115 cv



*Tramontana PRO With licence

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13
rental type:
Maximum people 5
Length 5 meters
Power 40 cv



Boats without license

* Marion Black

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13
Maximum people 5
Length 5 meters
Power 15 cv



* Tramontana PRO

Ubicación: Passeig des moll 13
Maximum people 5
Length 5 meters
Power 15 cv




At Twins Boats, we are proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality boats to meet the needs of each of our clients. From small boats to large yachts , we have a diverse and modern fleet so that you can enjoy the sea in the way you prefer.

Our rental boats are carefully selected and subjected to rigorous quality and safety controls to ensure that they are in the best possible conditions for use. In addition, our team of highly trained professionals is always available to provide you with all the information and assistance you need during your browsing experience.

At Twins Boats , we believe that   quality and safety are paramount in boating , which is why we work hard to make sure that all of our boats meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

We also offer boat rental options with skipper or without a license , for those who do not have experience in navigation or simply prefer to enjoy the sea without worries. Our skippers are professional and highly trained , and are willing to help you in everything you need during your trip.

In short, at Twins Boats, we offer you a complete and quality sailing experience , with a wide variety of high-quality boats and a team of highly-trained professionals ready to help you at all times. Contact us today to reserve your boat and start planning your dream trip at sea. We are looking forward to being a part of your next adventure at sea!


Our boats leave the Port of Ciutadella de Menorca, at Passeig des Moll, 9. You will find a large area to park your vehicle.

Rent a boat in Fornells

Our boats for rent leave from the port of Ciudadela, but if you want to leave through Fornells you can take the boat there with an additional cost of €80 and giving notice 2 days before.

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Comentarios de nuestros clientes

Twins Boats
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Megan StreetMegan Street
13:48 04 Sep 22
Experiencia unica con Twins Boats.Los chicos que llevan esta empresa son muy profesionales.El contrato de alquiler queda bien explicado y cumplido. Las barcas comodas, seguras y limpias.Hay muchas empresas de alquiler de barcas en Menorca, pero si tuviera que aconsejar una sería esta sin duda.
La experiencia con twinsboats ha sido genial. El barco muy limpio, espacioso y bonito. Hemos podido visitar muchas calitas de la isla que nos habían recomendado ellos. El proximo año repetimos seguro.
Muy buena experiencia. Cogimos un pequeño bote sin licencia y estuvimos 4 horas por la zona sur (hasta Son Saura). Pese a que había viento y un poco de olas, una vez nos metimos en la zona de calas del sur se estaba muy bien. Los chicos que nos explicaron todo, muy bien.Para volver a repetir!!
Lourdes DossetLourdes Dosset
07:52 17 May 22
La experiencia fue totalmente perfecta.Llegamos un poco tarde y nos esperaron sin problema, además de contestar a nuestras llamadas/mensajes rápidamente para que pudiésemos llegar más fácilmente.La persona que nos explicó todo fue muy agradable y nos quedó todo muy claro.El barco disponía de todo lo que pudiésemos necesitar, funcionaba perfectamente y además nos hizo un día maravilloso.Genial precio/calidad, muy recomendable!!
Noelia Perez MartinezNoelia Perez Martinez
15:25 02 May 22
Muy simpáticos y atentos! La barca super chula y limpia! Nos explicaron súper bien todo antes de cogerla y nos atendieron súper rápido cuando llamamos para alquilarla, los únicos de la isla que podían alquilar la barca en el mismo día y sin duda repetiremos cuando volvamos por aquí. Una experiencia 100% recomendable a todos!


  • It is completely forbidden to throw any type of organic or inorganic garbage into the water.
  • It is forbidden to access the beaches within the line of buoys and therefore also beaching on the sand.
  • It is forbidden to anchor in access channels or to moor to buoys.
  • Access to the interior of the caves is especially prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to anchor on posidonia or on any other similar bottom that is not sand.
  • It is also forbidden to drive the boat under the influence of alcohol.
  • Be extremely careful when starting the engine, therefore never start it with bathers nearby.
  • Never drag another person by rope with the engine running.
  • It is especially relevant to respect the marked navigation limits.
  • Ensure the correct anchorage and consequently that the engine is off before jumping into the water.
  • Have one or two fully operational mobile phones.

Renting our boats will provide you with great security since RIBs are a type of boat that do not sink in case of water entry or turn over if all the people on board go to one side of the boat. 

We have an emergency boat, in the event that it is necessary to use it, due to the user’s negligence, the departure will be at the client’s expense.

COVID -19 

Safe & Clean. Twins Boats has committed to comply with the safety and hygiene measures ordered by local authorities and to follow the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus, our rental boats are disinfected before and after each client.


If you choose to vacation on the island, you should also try one of the experiences of taking an excursion to the open sea. Whether it’s a romantic cruise off into the sunset or a speedboat hovering over the waves. Another option is to take the ferry to the neighboring island Mallorca or Ibiza or rent a yacht for a week.

Book a private cruise, adjusting to a totally exclusive trip and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. The ideal plan for groups, such as an anniversary, or for companies that want to do something unforgettable for their employees.

You never stop learning – You can take advantage of your vacation to find a new hobby or learn something: By hiring an island skipper, he will show you the most hidden and beautiful places on the island. Fulfilling during your holidays unique objectives in Menorca that you will never forget.

We especially recommend licensed boat rentals in Menorca. Sailing from Ciutadella along the south coast or the north coast. The goal is one of the most beautiful bays in the south or north of Menorca. You can also explore the underwater world with diving equipment, available on board or enjoy the shade on the mat taking a nap.

Whether big or small, young or old Menorca has something to offer for everyone. You just have to decide.


We know that Menorca is not very big, about 45 km from end to end in a straight line, therefore walking you can access any beach. Therefore, why should we rent a boat in Menorca? Well, the best thing about sailing is contemplating the views from the sea, being able to see the cliffs and the contrasts of the sea with the landscape. It also makes it much more comfortable to be able to access and visit beaches that are difficult to access and, finally, I would highlight the comfort of not having to remove the annoying sand when it sticks all over the body. 


The best advantage is that there will be no one better to take you on a boat excursion and get to know the most secret corners of the island. In addition, he will recommend the best beaches to visit and you will not have to worry about driving the boat, he will be in charge of anchoring, mooring and driving the boat.


What should you take into account when renting a boat without a license in Menorca? The first thing is to look for a boat that meets your needs, that is, the capacity of people who can go on board the boat. 

The second thing that must be taken into account about these boats is that they are somewhat slow since the maximum power is 15cv, therefore it is important to see where you take the boat and take into account how far it can go, that is, where they have the limit of navigation


The choice between renting a boat or a pneumatic to visit the beaches of Menorca depends on your preferences and needs. The speedboats are larger and wider, making them ideal for exploring areas further offshore and for traveling in large groups. In addition, they offer more comforts on board, such as padded seats and a covered cabin to shelter from the sun and wind.

On the other hand, the inflatables are lighter and with less draft, which makes them ideal for exploring smaller coves and beaches and for sailing in shallow water. They are also more maneuverable and easier to operate, so they are a good option if you are inexperienced in boating, and they also offer greater security. 

If we expose the advantages of renting a pneumatic boat or renting a boat, I personally would stay with the Zodiac,  for its comfort, safety and speed, but it should be noted that boats today have a very aerodynamic hull that allows them to glide over Water. But it should be noted that a boat will always have a higher consumption than the Zodiac. 


By renting a boat in Menorca, you will have the opportunity to discover the most emblematic points of the island from a different perspective, in addition to exploring the impressive Balearic Islands. Why limit yourself to land when you can navigate the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea?

Whether you prefer a skippered or bareboat charter, there is an option for you. With a bareboat charter, you can be the captain of your own adventure and explore the island at your own pace. If you prefer to relax and let someone else do the driving, you can hire a local skipper to guide you through the wonders of the sea and take you to the most impressive places on the island.

Menorca is a biosphere reserve, declared by UNESCO more than 25 years ago. With a rich history and stunning natural beauty, this island has something for everyone. From stunning white sand beaches to rocky cliffs, there is something for every type of adventurer.


Depending on the season and the type of boat you wish to charter, prices will fluctuate accordingly. If you think of renting a boat in the Balearic Islands, you have to take into account that the prices are different depending on the type of boat chosen. Renting a boat without a license in Menorca costs around €200/day and a little more for licensed boats in Menorca. During the months of September and October, the weather is quite pleasant and you will be able to sail at cheaper prices than in the high season.  

The best thing is to be clear about what your plans will be, whether it’s a family outing or practicing water sports with your friends, prices vary a lot between the different types of boats available in Menorca. You will find a huge offer for boat rentals, you can find boats starting at around €200/day if it is about renting a boat for half a day in Menorca.


Menorca is one of the most popular destinations in the Balearic Islands, especially during the high season. If you are planning to rent a boat there, be sure to make your reservation in advance to avoid missing out on enjoying this beautiful island.

Menorca’s typical Mediterranean climate offers hot summers and mild winters, making it an ideal sailing destination for much of the year. The main boat rental season in Menorca is from April to October, coinciding with the general sailing season in Spain.

However, you must bear in mind that Menorca is an island with little protection against the wind and is more exposed to winds than other islands in the Balearics, especially with the Tramontana from the north. Therefore, if you want to sail in Menorca, it is advisable to have experience in sailing to enjoy a safe and pleasant experience.

Do not miss the opportunity to navigate the impressive waters of Menorca and enjoy everything that this island has to offer. Book your boat in advance and experience the thrill of sailing in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. You will not regret!


If you are looking for a holiday destination with a warm and sunny climate, Menorca is the perfect place for you! This beautiful Balearic island has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters.

During the summer months, daily temperatures in Menorca tend to hover between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, with a pleasant sea breeze helping to keep the heat at bay. Winters are mild, with daily temperatures rarely falling below 10 degrees Celsius.


If you are thinking of renting a boat in Menorca, you may be wondering if you need a license to do so. The answer depends on the type of boat you wish to charter and your sailing skills and experience.

To rent a boat in Menorca, you do not need a license if the boat is less than 5 meters in length and does not exceed 15 horsepower. If you wish to rent a larger or more powerful boat, you will need a valid boating license.

If you don’t have a navigation license, don’t worry. Many Menorca boat rental companies offer training and training courses to help you obtain the necessary license. In addition, you can also hire a professional skipper to drive the boat for you, its cost is usually around €25/hour.

Remember that safety at sea is paramount, so it is always advisable to have experience and basic knowledge of navigation before renting a boat. If you do not feel safe or confident in your navigation skills, do not hesitate to hire a professional skipper to accompany you on your adventure at sea.


  • Port of Mahon
  • port of ciutadella 
  • Port of Fornells
  • Port of Sanitja 
  • Anddaya Port


Renting a boat in Menorca is an ideal activity to discover the island in a unique and exciting way. In Menorca, there are many options for sightseeing, such as hiking and cycling. Many interesting places are not accessible by car, so a boat rental is recommended to appreciate the untouched nature of the island. The city of Ciudadela offers a lively nightlife, and on Thursdays you can enjoy a frothy party at Cala en Porter.

Horses are also a great passion in Menorca. If you like them, you cannot miss the beautiful breed of Menorcan horses and attend a horse race at the Mahón or Ciudadela hippodromes. But the best of Menorca are its wonderful coves with turquoise waters. To explore them, the best option is to rent a boat, be it a motor boat or a sailboat. You can visit Cala Macarella and Macarelleta about 15 km from Ciudadela, or in the north, don’t miss Cala Pregonda with its reddish sands and steep rocks.

You can also visit the S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park and admire the views from the Faváritx lighthouse. And to end your cruise, you can sail to Formentera and discover the smallest island in the Balearic archipelago.

With the boat rental in Menorca, you can reach the most famous coves, such as Cala Trebalúguer, Cala en Porter, Cala Es Talaier, Cala Escorxada and Cala Pregonda. The beaches are also a tourist attraction, and with the boat rental, you can reach most of them and enjoy a perfect afternoon.

In short, boat rental in Menorca is an ideal way to explore the island and its wonders from a different perspective. The tour of the archipelago from the sea is one of the best ways to get to know new landscapes and fantastic places, as well as to practice water sports such as kitesurfing, bodysurfing, canoeing, water skiing and rowing in the coves and beaches of the island.

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